ALL IN! Day 4 of 60


Are you as thankful as I am that we can call on Jesus as long as we live. Yet, there are times when I think we all ask ourselves the question “How can I be sure I am doing God’s will? How do I really know this is the correct choice?” Can you ever remember being in a crowded noisy room and trying to hear something from someone on the other side of the room. No matter how loud they may be screaming, you can still only partially hear what they say – if anything at all. To make sure we are hearing from God, we have to get closer and get rid of everything in between us to hear what He is saying. Isaiah 48:17 states “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the say you should go.” The best way to make sure He is directing our way is to spend quiet time in HIs Word and in prayer – listening and waiting on Him. Thank God that He has given us His Word to help us understand this life. As we go ALL-IN, our one desire should be to know Him more and to develop a yearning to be in His presence at all times. When we do that, we can be confident that we will hear His answer when we ask “Is this the right decision?”


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