ALL IN – Day 51 of 60!

What you do and how you react to situations is because of who you are on the inside. What you do is directly linked to what you are. All in or not? Only you know for sure. If you can come to grips with this point and truly comprehend it – you will be able to stand on God’s word and walk in victory.

When you learn to recognize the subtle ways the enemy seeks to nature a worldly or fleshly view of life – you will resist by the power of the Holy Spirit. No more confusion – instead peace in the midst of a storm. No more anger – instead the love of God poured in your heart spilling out. No more excuses – instead leaning on our faith in the risen redeemer – Jesus Christ.

No more looking here, there, and all around for help – instead calling on just one source – Jesus Christ.

Continue in it!!! All In Indeed!!

YIC – Pastor James L Henley, Jr.

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