ALL IN – Day 47 of 60!

Life, breathe and time have been given to each of us by God. He gave these to us so that we can carry out His purposes on earth. We were not called to sit on the sidelines (pews) and do nothing.

God knows each one us intimately. He knows your public and private attitudes. He knows every hair on your head. Because God knows you so well he has given you resources/gifts based on who you are to serve him. He has tested you based on past blessings to determine if it is time to give you more. He saw how you managed/handled what he gave you in the past.

The awesome thing is He is still watching. He is waiting for you to get up off the sideline and use what he has given you for His glory. Why? Because He has more for you once He sees how faithful you are with what you have now.

If you are reading this you still have life, breathe and time. Remember those 3 things are what enable us to function in this world. Use them wisely from this point to seek first the kingdom of God. As you go ‘all in’ get ready for more for God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.

Ready, set – GO!

YIC – Pastor James L. Henley, Jr.

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