ALL IN – Day 40 of 60!

A car MUST have a fuel source to operate. Something that empowers it to do what it was created to do. A caterpillar MUST go through metamorphosis to become a butterfly. Absent the change the caterpillar will never fly and be forever a creature of below. Without an energy source the car just sits.

So what MUST exists for those All In? Jesus Christ told us in John 3:3 when he declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.” (John 3:3 NIV84)

In other words, to be an “All Iner” you MUST be born again. Your heart has been changed by the agent of the Holy Spirit. Mission impossible has been accomplished because the thoughts, attitudes and things you thought you could never let go of now are not important. Like a butterfly looking down as it flies you see the lowly existence that once defined you. But now powered by a new source, a new heart, a new power (God’s Holy Spirit) you desire and pursue a better way. Your thoughts now are focused on God and pleasing Him. Your attitude toward those who offend/wrong you is now to shower them with the love of Christ versus the fleshly response of strike back. Your things now are simply tools to help others come to know what you know in order for their lives to be changed. They to MUST be born again.

Are you ALL IN?
Have you been BORN AGAIN?

YIC – Pastor James L. Henley, Jr.


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