ALL IN – Day 35 of 60!

You know at some point you will be tested. Your initial commitment to being All In will be challenged. Remember when Peter walked on the water.

Despite his initial faith, Peter soon found himself facing a testy situation, His impulsive faith which led him on to the water vanished and fear took its place. Taking his eye off his Savior to focus on the raging waves, he sank but did not drown. Jesus saved him because He never leaves or forsakes His chosen vessels. Can you imagine Peter’s humiliation later on as he pondered on how his fear and failure revealed his lack of true faith.

As soon as Jesus got on the ship with Peter, the winds immediately ceased. Ceased in Matthew 14:32 means “to grow weary.” The rough elements Peter feared had been overcome by supernatural power. In the same way, the condemnation we feel when we make a mistake can immediately cease when we call out to Jesus as Peter did. There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). Just as the boat was supernaturally and immediately moved to the peaceful shore – we can be restored simply by exercising our faith. We get up, move forward and remember the next time to stay focused. Jesus is with us. He already knew where we were weak which is why He was right there.

Confess whatever it is and move forward.

YIC – Pastor James L Henley, Jr.


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