ALL IN – Day 30 of 60!

Halfway point. I thank God in the name of Jesus Christ for the insight he has given me so far. This morning I was reminded of “Granny”. Granny was my mom’s mom. She went to Heaven in March 1997. Yet her influence on myself and her other grands continues to this day.

We as Christians fall into two categories when it comes to reading the Word of God –
Type A: reads the Bible out of religious duty, but allows some “other thing” to govern their behavior. Other things like their emotions, pride, what others think or television. But the Word of God is clearly not the authority in their decision-making; they never allow the words on the page to have a true impact in their lives, and they simply read to prove to others they do. Their priority is quantity over quality.

Type B: takes time to process the Bible. They take the time to wrestle with the things they are reading. They realize the importance of letting the Scriptures indicate who God is, how He relates to us and who we are supposed to be. Their priority is quality over quantity.

I started out a Type A but realized when Granny passed I needed to be a Type B. When I thought about the life Granny lived, the number of people she’d touched, God’s grace upon her life and the lives of her children and grandchildren, it was overwhelming. For example, God user Granny, who didn’t speak in tongues or cast out demons to inspire her church to pay off it’s mortgage one dime at a time. She allowed God to transform her world. As a result, she touched the lives of so many people. How did she do it? She believed the Bible. She took God at His Word. Granny always had her Bible with her whether sitting in that rocking chair next to the bed or laying in the bed. She ALWAYS had an encouraging word for you from the Word of God. She ALWAYS loved you no matter what was going on in your life. She ALWAYS gave you whatever she had if she determined you were really in need. Most importantly, she ALWAYS had a word of scripture to encourage you that you would be okay. Granny might have known the whole Bible “by heart” but she never beat you over the head with it. Granny meditated daily over just a few scriptures and then APPLIED them in her life. Granny was ALL IN, are you?

YIC – Pastor James L Henley, Jr.


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