ALL IN – Day 25 of 60!

Do you agree with being ALL IN or are you ALL IN? Biblically, merely believing or agreeing with God on something is no better than being dead. Dead things produce nothing. Being ALL in means your faith is alive as shown by your ongoing consistent display of Christ’s love in your daily activities. You understand why James says that if truly saved by grace your faith will not be dead because it has no works. Your belief is clearly seen by how Christ is living through you. Paul in Hebrews 3 can use “unbelief” and “disobedience” interchangeably – why? Because if a person only agrees, he simply has a preference, and his works will be at best inconsistent and sporadic. However, if a person has living faith, his belief will be a life changing conviction, and works will be ongoing and consistent.

Pastor James L Henley, Jr.


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