ALL IN – DAY 15 of 60!

Day 15

You are not your own, for you were bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Any issue regarding whether you should be ALL IN should end at this verse. Your new IDENTITY is in Christ alone. Christ is everything. We own nothing from our head to our feet. Every drop of blood, every hormone, every heartbeat was paid for in full. Christ didn’t die for the parts we let Him have; He wants all of us. That’s why it makes no sense for us to justify what makes us happy or what satisfies us. Finding areas where we will and will not surrender/be ALL IN, what we will and will not hand over to Christ. But the choice isn’t ours. The price paid was for the complete package. The enemy tries to tell us that we know who we are, and we can’t change. But the possibility of change is completely beside the point. Even if no change comes before the perfect does (1 Corinthians 13:10), even if the desires never stop, we have no room to act on them or justify them. We have no ownership in ourselves. It all belongs to Jesus.
Just as the Christ surrendered Himself to be crucified, we crucify ourselves to surrender. Our true identity starts and ends with who we are in Christ. Nothing should come between us—the purchased—and the One who paid the price. We must not let anything drown out the call of Christ to follow how He leads. Salvation is free, but following Jesus isn’t. The cost is sacrifice—the willful surrender of putting us first. When we come to Christ but refuse to surrender it all, we’re like the rich man who couldn’t bear the thought of not having all his stuff (Matthew 16:19-30). We’re not all in. Have you accepted the new you yet? Are you ALL IN?

YIC – Pastor James L Henley, Jr.

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